Marty Meyer-Gad

Ordained Deacon 2009
Ordained Priest 2010

Marty Meyer-Gad, MA liturgy, certificate in Pastoral Liturgical Ministries. While working in Detroit and Chicago wrote: Basics: a Liturgical Education Sourcebook and At Home with the Word. In 1983 she danced down the aisle to preside with her husband, Bruno, at their wedding. In 1989 they moved from his native Chicago back to Marty's native MN. They have one married son and grandchildren. Her family lives in Mankato, MN. Marty has served as parish liturgist, liturgy consultant, hospital chaplain and led worship in prison. Marty’s memoir, Seventy-Four Cents, outlines her journey to priesthood. As a seventh grade teacher few books presented topics like: religious fanatics, death, suicide, same sex marriage, etc.. Her Kimsara Detective Series aims to fill that void.