Mary Grace Crowley-Koch

Ordained deacon 2010
Ordained priest 2011

Mary Grace Crowley-Koch began her walk towards priesthood at age 4 when she engaged her nursery school playmates in Eucharistic celebrations. She was taught by the Adrian Dominicans for 12 years and entered that community. While completing her MA in Theology at St. John's University in Collegeville and serving as a pastoral associate at several parishes she continued to feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit towards ordination. After teaching and seeing her children, Angela and Brian, move onwards toward college she was able to continue her pastoral ministry as a hospice chaplain. In this ministry she again felt the validation of her call to priestly ministry from the persons she served. This past year she began the official journey in the direction of priesthood and was ordained a deacon. On her journey towards priesthood she initiated a small faith community which has been meeting monthly for 15 years. For the same amount of time, she and her married priest husband, Ron, ministered to couples with a connection to the Roman Catholic church who would like to have their wedding celebration outside of the RC church building venue. She believes in God's constant call 'to do a new thing" and to share your God given gifts with all you meet as you dance together with all on your journey.