Called to be a Priest?

Whether called as a young girl or a mature woman, we invite you to discern with us your call to ordination.

Priest in Training

Meet Julia and her grandmothers. A priest asked Julia’s great-great-great grandmother to launder the church’s altar linens. She felt unworthy of such an honor and turned him down. Julia’s great-great grandmother saved dimes from the family’s depression era budget to donate to the building of a Cathedral. Julia’s great grandmother was a “Sacristy Girl”, one of an elite group of eighth grade girls who were allowed to be in the sanctuary—to wash the floor and dust the furniture. Julia’s grandmother, Rev. Mary Keldermans discerned a call to priesthood after a lifetime of ministry in the Church and is now a Roman Catholic Womanpriest. Thanks to Mary and to other woman priests, Julia will never know a time in her life when there weren’t women priests. If she ever discerns she is being called to the priesthood she will be able to walk a path blazed by the Womenpriests before her. History is being made right in front of us!

Are you being called to priesthood to experience “…that full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations” that has heretofore been denied to women for 2,000 years? Are you being called to take your rightful place behind the altar to celebrate the amazing love that is our God? Do you have questions? We would love to hear from you and are only an email away! Contact Mary Keldermans at at your convenience.