Is there a Roman Catholic Church law that says women cannot be ordained?

Yes, Canon 1024 states: A baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly.

The reason given for prohibiting ordination to women is that the twelve apostles were male.


Are the womenpriests excommunicated?

Yes, the penalty for breaking Canon 1024 is automatic excommunication.  However, excommunication does not remove us from the Church.


Why did you break Church law?

Canon 1024 is an unjust law that discriminates against women simply because they are women.  When sustained efforts fail to change an unjust law then, in good conscience, as a last resort the law must be broken.



Are you starting your own Church?

No, we choose to remain in the Roman Catholic Church.


What are you asking of the Roman Catholic Church?

We ask that one word (male) in Canon 1024 be changed to state: A baptized person alone receives sacred ordination validly.