Marty Meyer-Gad

Marty Meyer-Gad lives in Mankato, MN with her husband, near their son and two grandsons. Her MA in liturgy and certificate in pastoral liturgical ministries led her to Detroit where she wrote Basics: a Liturgical Education Handbook and and in Chicago began the At Home with the Word series. Along the way she ministered as a parish liturgist, consultant, hospice visitor, hospital chaplain and presider of worship in prison.

Having created many custom liturgies, in 1983 she danced down the aisle to preside with her husband, Bruno, at their wedding. Her journey to priesthood is told in her memoir, Seventy-Four Cents. Since her ordination she writes stories where women priests enable women, men and children to equally share their spiritual journey. Her Kimsara Detective Series highlights tweens enabling concrete change while breaking stereotypes. In Of Priests and Porcupines the fictional Molly Winters faces threats but outlines a papal plan for a Catholic Church of equals.