Editing the Menu

The website only has one menu, the header menu. This is the menu you see right at the top of the content area with five top-level items: Welcome, Worship, Ministries, About Us, and Contact Us.

You can change these menus and the items they hold with the “Menus” item in the “Appearance” section of the WordPress dashboard or using the “Menus” section of the “Customizer” screen you can get to from the top toolbar. You will only see these options if you actually have permission to change the menus.

Although you have the power to create more than five top-level menu items, we recommend against this. Please limit yourself to five items at the top level. In fact, think very hard before you change these top level items at all.

Adding items below these top-level items, however, is not a problem. Feel free to add, delete, and rearrange these lower level menu items. You do this by dragging them around and by adding items from the left sidebar. However, in order to minimize confusion, we should avoid adding extra “hierarchy” to the menus.

Don’t forget to click the “Save Menu” button when you are done, so that your changes are actually remembered and used.

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