Editing Pages

Once you log in to the site with an account that allows authoring pages, each page of the site will display an “edit” link on the toolbar at the top of each page. Clicking that link will take you to the WordPress backend and the editing interface for that particular page.

You can pick up a book about WordPress to learn more about editing pages, so here we will just concentrate on a few things that are unique to working with the Great Waters theme in use on this site. The basics of creating and editing pages are just like editing posts, so refer to those instructions. Especially, remember to keep it simple! Pages don’t have categories and tags, but just like with posts, don’t forget to click “Publish” or “Update” if you want your changes saved!

If this is a new page, pay attention to a few initial setup items that you will find under the “Document” tab of the right sidebar when editing a page:

  • Make sure to turn off commenting features (found in the “Discussion” section of the sidebar) unless you really want them on, which would be unusual for a page.
  • Take a look at the “Permalink” and make sure it is brief, preferably one word. Edit this permalink if there is a better unique term to use in the URL for the page.
  • Make sure to assign the page an appropriate parent in the WordPress page hierarchy. You can do this using a popup menu to declare a “Parent Page” under “Page Attributes”.
  • Include a “Featured Image” if you want one. Remember that the featured image will be cropped automatically by the theme, as well as presented differently depending on the device someone is using, so don’t fuss too much about cropping it ahead of time.

Note that when you edit the content of a page, the old version of that content is stored in a revision history. You can access and recover those revisions in the “Document” tab of the right sidebar.

Usually pages will just have text in them. However, pages may also have “blocks” of various other sorts. When editing, the “+” button will let you add these special blocks, and the blocks themselves will often provide options in the right sidebar.

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