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The Great Waters Region website is powered by WordPress. It is using a child of the Astra theme, and is developed, maintained, and hosted by Tenseg LLC.

Site Templates

If you are trying to add a new picture, priest, ordination, or community to the site, you may want to look at our AirTable templates. You can submit new content using these templates and then our Great Waters web elves will make sure that content makes it to the correct pages.

If you are one of the elves, you may need our AirTable base.

Site Maintenance

This site info section contains information about maintaining the site meant for the staff of the Great Waters Region. Keep in mind that this is not private information, so please don’t share any passwords or sensitive information here! This is just for guides and helpful hints. If you read no other document, please be sure to read about keeping it simple.

We’ve left the commenting areas open on the following pages so that you can give us feedback or ask questions on each page as appropriate. This way your questions or ideas can become part of the documentation of the site.

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